16 teams 13 pending matches 92 owned planets 36 dropships 228 mechs in combat 1174 idle mechs 1 VTR-9B in service

Top Factions

The Watch
Planets: 12 Wins: 5

Skye Rangers
Planets: 11 Wins: 6

1st Mech Rangers
Planets: 8 Wins: 0

54th Mechanized Regiment
Planets: 8 Wins: 0

4th Tau Ceti Rangers
Planets: 7 Wins: 0

Praetorian Legion
Planets: 4 Wins: 0

Top Mercenaries

Ratio: Undef Wins: 8

QQ - Church of Blake
Ratio: Undef Wins: 0

Antares Scorpions
Ratio: 0.0 Wins: 0

Top Clans

Clan Ghost Bear International
Kills: 23 Planets: 2

Ice Phoenix
Kills: 18 Planets: 6

Smoke Adders
Kills: 12 Planets: 7

Clan Ghost Wolf
Kills: 0 Planets: 4

Top Pirates

Assets: 1,147M cbills

Swords of Davion
Assets: 387M cbills

1st Crucis Reinforced Recon
Assets: 145M cbills

What's the difference between Factions, Mercs, etc?

Inner Sphere Map

Factions control many planets, and maintain those planets with more money than any other unit type. The problem is that they are spread too thin, and will require careful strategy to defend and grow.

Mercenaries are all about reputation. Are you reliable and at what price? Mercenaries depend on their allies and clients to make a name for themselves. Your mechs don't sell themselves.

Clans are the most feared of all the unit types. The invasion has begun. With plenty of money, a monopoly on clan mechs, and the best dropships, clans can squash just about anything. Where's the honor in that?

Pirates are stealthy, scrappy, thieves. They can't run a legitimate empire, but they know all the back doors and salvage tricks. It's not illegal if you don't get caught.